Kim Dae Mun Korean Food (Revisited!)

Sunday, September 25, 2016 sher (: 0 Comments

If you recall, we had an earlier post on Kim Dae Mun at Concorde Hotel. It has since been relocated, to the front of the hotel, which is much more visible. Hope it doesn't get too crowded :x Prices seemed to have gone up a notch -- Bibimbap now costs $0.50 more and the Steamed Saba went up by almost a dollar!

Even more spacious than before. Regulars will find the furniture familiar. Now there's even a queue ticket system (can't remember if this was already there haha).

There's another counter for drinks (incl. soju) & ice cream.

This time round S had to go for the Steamed Saba ($9) while Sher settled for the Bean Paste & Vegetables Soup ($7.50). Both dishes came with a bowl of white rice and a side of your choice (cabbage kimchi, cucumber kimchi or ikan bilis).

Lets talk about the Steamed Saba first! This dish is so unique that Kim Dae Mun is the only place we know of that serves it in Singapore. It's a huge & tender hunk of saba (mackeral) that's stewed with a rich, midly spicy tomato-ish sauce. Good enough for 2! This is a homely dish that goes perfectly with the rice. Also comes with a whole boiled potato. Sher likens it to Ayam brand canned tuna :')

Next up is the Bean Paste and Vege Stew which Sher opted for the non-spicy version. As you can see, the bowl was filled to the brim with plenty of assorted vegetables and seafood. The best part is the tasty (miso) broth which you'll definitely slurp every last drop.

We will definitely revisit Kim Dae Mun if we are around the vicinity! Maybe the Pan-Fried Sliced Fish next?

Kim Dae Mun Korean Cuisine
Address: #01-04, Concorde Hotel, 100 Orchard Road, 238840
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun, 11:00-20:30; Closed Mon
Contact: +65 9112 5910
Damage: $8/pax