Top 1 Home Made Noodles (Beauty World Food Centre)

Sunday, January 03, 2016 sher (: 0 Comments

On the last day of the free-ride period to commemorate the opening of Downtown Line 2, and with food blogger Maureen's guide in hand, we decided to do our very own food trip. Our first stop was Beauty World Food Centre. With the opening of this segment of the line, Beauty World Food Centre becomes so much more accessible to the everyday foodie. 

If there's one stall you have to try at Beauty World Food Centre, it's got to be Top 1 Home Made Noodles. The stall name speaks for itself -- extremely QQ homemade noodles. Don't be deceived by the lack of a queue: you order and collect separately. To order, you first choose the type of noodle (beehoon, ban mian, you mian, mee hoong kueh, etc.) then the cooking style (soup, dry, chili/no chili) and finally the main ingredient (sliced fish, meat balls, abalone, etc.). Then you'll be issued a queue number and you can go off to find your seats!

S had the dry ban mian with meat balls ($3.50). The springy noodles came topped with crispy ikan bilis, bak chor, xiang gu and green vegetables; it was sitting on a pool of their specially concocted sauce, but was a bit too spicy for Sher's liking. The soup it came with was thick and very flavorful. We slurped up every drop. For the same price, the portion was only a fraction of the Toa Payoh's dry banmian.

Sher had sliced fish you mian (soupy version, $4). Along with 3-4 slices of fish (snakehead), there were the usual toppings. The soup here tasted slightly richer than S's, perhaps because all the ingredients were mixed in. What we enjoyed most was that the egg noodles were cooked just right and had a toothy bite to it.

Another photo of the dry banmian! Sadly, the unsatisfying portions left us wanting more. Also good in a way, because we had room for more food as we continued our Downtown Line hopping.

We wanted to try Hambaobao but unfortunately it was closed that day. We will definitely be back for more!

Top 1 Homemade Noodle
Address: Beauty World Food Centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #04-44, Singapore 588177
Opening hours: Thu-Mon, 09:00 – 20:30. Closed Tue-Wed.
Contact: +65 8448 8450
Damage: $3-4/bowl