Kim Dae Mun Korean Cuisine (Concorde Hotel)

Sunday, November 01, 2015 sher (: 0 Comments

Kim Dae Mun is one of the most underrated Korean family eateries in Singapore. It's hardly reviewed anywhere and it's one of the better kept secrets in town. You'd never expect there to be authentic Korean food, until you round the corner of the Concorde Hotel -- a relic of a bygone age. The place was surprisingly crowded when we stepped through the glass door, considering how ulu the location is.

After taking your order, the ajuma at the counter barks your order over a microphone. And again when its time for collection. Drinks are sold separately at another counter. About the only thing remotely non-Korean about this place is probably the plastic chopsticks. At first glance, Kim Dae Mun screams budget Korean food. It's almost foodcourtesque the way they use the same black serving trays, metal rice bowls and plastic menus. Prices are affordable; you can get a pretty decent meal for just under $10.

 Chock-full of prawns, squid, clams, sundubu (korean soft tofu),zucchini, xiao bai cai and straw mushrooms, the Tofu Seafood Stew ($7, non-spicy) made for a hearty meal. At Kim Dae Mun, you get to choose from several side dishes -- kimchi, pickled cucumber and spicy anchovies (too salty for our liking). If you have to choose one, we recommend the cucumber, which was refreshingly good.

The classic Kimchi Stew. For only $7, this was a steal as it is probably enough for two. Although simple, with just beaten eggs, kimchi, tofu and some pork slices, it is Korean comfort food at its humblest. The stews go well with white rice ($1) or if you prefer, red rice ($1.50).

Their potato pancake ($4) is a must try -- crispy and light. The dipping sauce of vinegar, soy sauce and spring onion does wonders to whet your appetite.

Kim Dae Mun is also known for other delectable dishes such as their steamed saba fish ($7.50) -- a healthier alternative to the usual hotplate saba fish. Not to forget the Bibimbap ($7.50) which comes in a sizzling hot stone bowl and topped generously with vegetables, pork/chicken/beef and a sunny side up egg. Remember your gochujang, no bibimbap is complete without it.

Kim Dae Mun Korean Cuisine
Address: #02-17/18, Concorde Hotel, 100 Orchard Road, 238840
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun, 11:00-20:30; Closed Mon
Contact: +65 9112 5910
Damage: $8/pax