Genki Sushi (Bugis Plus)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 sher (: 0 Comments

We weren't planning on having sushi for tea break, but the 'bullet train' caught our eye as we walked past the Bugis+ Genki Sushi outlet on the way to the toilet. Did you say bullet train?! Yup, Genki Sushi makes clever use of technology to deliver your order straight to you via a white flat tray that, well, kind of resembles the Shinkasen bullet train. There's a whole network of rails running around the restaurant and the best thing is your food is made to order -- fresh! Unlike traditional conveyor belt restaurants, there's absolutely no need to be wary of condensation on the plastic lids, or that piece of salmon making its return trip. At Genki Sushi, you can even watch the chefs prepare your meal, load it onto the train and whooosh. Kids will probably love the concept, just keep those grubby hands away from the rail.

So basically you order from one of those iPads and shortly after this train arrives with your food. You then remove the plates and hit that yellow button and the train returns to the kitchen.

Had to try the horse mackerel (left) which tastes of the sea, with the ginger and scallions subtly balancing out that fishy aftertaste. As for the salmon belly, you can't really go wrong with salmon belly, and this one was incredibly fresh. If you strain your eyes a little, you'll notice that prices here aren't exactly cheap ($2.80 - $3.80 for nigiri and sushi).

Oh wow, matcha. Gotta drink more tea then ;) Sorry, we are cheapskates.

This grilled shrimp with garlic butter is a must-try for all you garlic lovers. The shrimp is sweet and firm and the garlic butter..

And some udon to round up our tea break.

Although a tad expensive, Genki Sushi shines through its food quality and concept. It's worth a try, if only for the novelty factor. However, there are probably better places around that are more value for money.

Genki Sushi
Address: 201 Victoria Street, #01-13, 188067
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-20:00
Contact: +65 6732 5711
Damage: ~$30 (5 plates, average $4)